Whatever He Wants

What kind of spectacle is the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump? by Fintan O'Toole edited by O Society Feb 10, 2020 In its opening days, the audience was given two wildly different but equally bathetic prompts as to how we should see it. We were invited by two central figures to understand it, on … Continue reading Whatever He Wants

Prometheus’ Fire

Climate Change in a Time of Willful Ignorance by Evaggelos Vaillianatos edited by O Society Jan 26, 2020 Prologue Greek myths assert Prometheus, Titan god of foreknowledge, was grandfather of the Greeks. He defied Zeus and brought the fire of knowledge and civilization to his relatives. Zeus reacted with violence. He ordered the god of … Continue reading Prometheus’ Fire

Consciousness is Real

Consciousness is neither a spooky mystery nor an illusory belief. It’s a valid and causally efficacious biological reality by Massimo Pigliucci by O Society Jan 15, 2020 It is highly fashionable to label consciousness an ‘illusion’. This in turn fosters the impression, especially among the general public, that the way we normally think of our … Continue reading Consciousness is Real

Who was the Buddha?

by Alexander Wynne edited by O Society At Wat Doi Kham, my local temple in Chiang Mai in Thailand, visitors come in their thousands every week. Bearing money and garlands of jasmine, the devotees prostrate themselves in front of a small Buddha statue, muttering solemn prayers and requesting their wishes be granted. Similar rituals are performed … Continue reading Who was the Buddha?

Pinker’s Pollyanna Philosophy and Its Perfidious Politics

by Jessica Riskin edited by O Society Dec 17, 2019 “Intellectuals hate reason,” “Progressives hate progress,” “War is peace,” “Freedom is slavery.” No, wait, those last two are from a different book, but it’s easy to get mixed up. Steven Pinker begins his latest — a manifesto inspirationally entitled Enlightenment Now — with a contrast … Continue reading Pinker’s Pollyanna Philosophy and Its Perfidious Politics

The Power of Anarchist Analysis

2020 Vision: If Nobody’d Run, They’d Have Won! by Nathan Robinson edited by O Society Dec 13, 2019 "Question everything.” I always liked this phrase, and might claim to be among those who indeed question everything. But if I am being honest, for a long time it was more like a coffee mug cliché. It … Continue reading The Power of Anarchist Analysis