Our Leaders are Terrified. Not of the Virus – of Us

by Jonathan Cook edited by O Society March 26, 2020 You can almost smell the fear-laden sweat oozing from the pores of television broadcasts and social media posts as it finally dawns on our political and media establishments what the coronavirus actually means. And I am not talking about the threat posed to our health. The … Continue reading Our Leaders are Terrified. Not of the Virus – of Us

Hello From Italy! I’m Here to Predict Your Future…

If only we could bypass the mediots and go straight to the horse's mouth on coronavirus to get the real deal...  Oh wait a datgummed minute, we can! Just so happens we have one of our O Society people in Italy right now. He lives there with his PhD wife and their three daughters. They're … Continue reading Hello From Italy! I’m Here to Predict Your Future…

To Kill The King

by Peter Baker  edited by O Society Feb 17, 2020 Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee, the lesson of the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump. “When you strike at a king,” Emerson famously said, “you must kill him.” Trump’s foes struck at him but did not take him down. With the end of the … Continue reading To Kill The King

MLK and the Black Misleadership Class

https://youtu.be/zrFOb_f7ubw by Glen Ford edited by O Society Jan 20, 2020 Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is the greatest sheer spectacle of hypocrisy and historical duplicity of the year, as Black misleaders take center stage to claim his mandate and mission on behalf of a corporate party. While Dr. King rejected an alliance with the … Continue reading MLK and the Black Misleadership Class

Plutarchy Hooray!

plutarchy (noun): a system of governance in which human beings are ranked in order of the amount of wealth each possesses (x = $) whereby status and power are distributed according to ranking https://youtu.be/Rz1Xn1vzOM4 by Joseph Natoli edited by O Society Jan 10, 2020 Perhaps you spend most of your time online or wish you could … Continue reading Plutarchy Hooray!

Violence Is Sometimes the Answer

"I want to make it clear, however, although I am deeply opposed to war, I am not advocating appeasement. It is often necessary to take a strong stand to counter unjust aggression. For instance, it is plain to all of us that the Second World War was entirely justified. It "saved civilization" from the tyranny … Continue reading Violence Is Sometimes the Answer

Sacha Baron Cohen: Never Is Now

Remarks by Sacha Baron Cohen, Recipient of AntiDefamation League's 2019 International Leadership Award https://youtu.be/ymaWq5yZIYM by Sacha Baron Cohen edited by O Society Nov 21, 2019 Thank you, Jonathan, for your very kind words.  Thank you, ADL, for this recognition and your work in fighting racism, hate and bigotry.  And to be clear, when I say … Continue reading Sacha Baron Cohen: Never Is Now