Prometheus’ Fire

Climate Change in a Time of Willful Ignorance by Evaggelos Vaillianatos edited by O Society Jan 26, 2020 Prologue Greek myths assert Prometheus, Titan god of foreknowledge, was grandfather of the Greeks. He defied Zeus and brought the fire of knowledge and civilization to his relatives. Zeus reacted with violence. He ordered the god of … Continue reading Prometheus’ Fire

How the rich plan to rule a burning planet by James Plested edited by O Society Dec 26, 2019 The climate crisis isn’t a future we must fight to avoid. It’s an already unfolding reality. It’s the intensification of extreme weather – cyclones, storms and floods, droughts and deadly heat waves. It’s burning forests in Australia, the Amazon, Indonesia, Siberia, Canada and California. … Continue reading How the rich plan to rule a burning planet

Study Identifies The Most Effective Mental Strategies People Use To Get Through Aversive Challenges

by Christian Jarrett edited by O Society Dec 19, 2019 What strategies do you use to push through a tough challenge, be it a run on a treadmill or a stressful phone call with your boss? Perhaps you remind yourself of what you have to gain from completing the task, or you use distraction, or you … Continue reading Study Identifies The Most Effective Mental Strategies People Use To Get Through Aversive Challenges

How Economics Became a Religion

Introduction by O Society Dec 3, 2019  Economics people (my brother in-law is one) tend to think of what they do as some sort of science because they have all these formulae and so on. When you ask my b-i-l what he learned in school, his reply is, “We learned lots of math. I’m real … Continue reading How Economics Became a Religion

The Wisdom of Trees

Walt Whitman on what our silent friends teach us about being rather than seeming by Maria Popova edited by O Society September 24, 2019 Hermann Hesse wrote in his lyrical love letter to our arboreal companions, “then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy.” Two generations earlier, a different … Continue reading The Wisdom of Trees

Social Darwinism and Fitness

"Yes, change is the basic law of nature. However, the changes wrought by the passage of time affects individuals and institutions in different ways. According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species who survives; it is not the strongest who survives; but rather the species who survives is … Continue reading Social Darwinism and Fitness