Self or No-Self, What is Identity?

by Jack Kornfield  edited by O Society  October 15, 2019 Spiritual practice inevitably brings us face to face with the profound mystery of our own identity. We take birth in a human body. What is this force which gives us life, brings us and the world into form? The world’s great spiritual teachings tell us … Continue reading Self or No-Self, What is Identity?

The problem of mindfulness

Mindfulness promotes itself as value-neutral but it is loaded with (troubling) assumptions about the self and the cosmos by Sahanika Ratnayake edited by O Society August 2, 2019 Three years ago, when I was studying for a Masters in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, mindfulness was very much in the air. The Department of Psychiatry had … Continue reading The problem of mindfulness

The Value of Humility

by Scott Preston edited by O Society There is an etymological connection between the words “humus” (soil, earth), humility, and human. Whenever we break this connection, and become estranged from the earth, we get the predictable results we see today. Genesis 2:7 states: “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils … Continue reading The Value of Humility

What is Mettā Meditation?

Discovering your capacity for lovingkindness by Sharon Saltzberg Radiant Mindedited by O Society May 25, 2019 In metta meditation, we direct lovingkindness toward ourselves and then, in a sequence of expansion, towards somebody we love already. Somebody we are neutral towards. Somebody we have difficulty with. And ultimately toward all beings everywhere without distinction.In vipassana meditation, we … Continue reading What is Mettā Meditation?