How American Mass Media Poisons Us with Hate

Chris Hedges interviews Matt Taibbi  Truthdig edited by O Society June 11, 2019 In the latest episode of "On Contact," host and Truthdig contributor Chris Hedges sits down with Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone for a two-part series on American media, which Hedges calls a "purveyor of hate." They explore the ways in which Fox … Continue reading How American Mass Media Poisons Us with Hate

Worshipping the Electronic Image

by Chris Hedges Truthdig Feb 18, 2019 Donald Trump, like much of the American public, is entranced by electronic images. He interprets reality through the distortions of digital media. His decisions, opinions, political positions, prejudices and sense of self are reflected back to him on screens. He views himself and the world around him as … Continue reading Worshipping the Electronic Image

The World to Come

by Chris Hedges Truthdig Jan 28, 2019 The ruling elites are painfully aware that the foundations of American power are rotting. The outsourcing of manufacturing in the United States and the plunging of over half the population into poverty will, they know, not be reversed. The self-destructive government shutdown has been only one of numerous … Continue reading The World to Come

A History of Neoliberalism: Chris Hedges, David Harvey, and Michael Hudson

You can download and read the book A Brief History of Neoliberalism here as a PDF. Below is a series of videos by the books' author as a primer on the most important topic of our age, which practically no one has heard of nor understands: Neoliberalism ON CONTACT: A History of Neoliberalism, Part I … Continue reading A History of Neoliberalism: Chris Hedges, David Harvey, and Michael Hudson

There’s No Plan B

America: The Farewell Tour by Chris Hedges and Charles Foran Literary Review Canada   Long before Donald Trump was dreaming of a White House with gold walls, back when the world’s hugest Twitter account was in its infancy, promoting a blustery businessman’s appearances on late-night television, the American journalist and author Chris Hedges was already … Continue reading There’s No Plan B