De 德 Zhuangzi 莊子

edited by O Society September 23, 2019 19 Chi Hsing-tzu was training gamecocks for the king. After ten days the king asked if they were ready. “Not yet. They’re too haughty and rely on their nerve.” Another ten days and the king asked again. “Not yet. They still respond to noises and movements.” Another ten … Continue reading De 德 Zhuangzi 莊子

The Practice of San Ti Shi in Xing Yi Quan

孫福全 Sun Lutang by Tom Bisio edited by O Society September 12, 2019 Xing Yi Quan & San Ti Shi Standing in San Ti Shi is one of the most important parts of foundational training (Ji Ben Gong) of Xing Yi Quan. In Xing Yi Quan there are three key elements that must simultaneously cultivated … Continue reading The Practice of San Ti Shi in Xing Yi Quan

Thoreau and Daoism

by Scott Barnwell Bao Pu 抱朴 April 30, 2019 Henry David Thoreau wrote something very Daoist in his book Walden. Appropriate Chinese characters added in select places: “I do not value chiefly a man’s uprightness (義) and benevolence (仁), which are, as it were, his stem and leaves (末). Those plants of whose greenness withered … Continue reading Thoreau and Daoism

A Funhouse Mirror for the Soul

Just as the jester speaks truth to power, so the Zhuang Zi pokes fun at ossified beliefs for the improvement of your soul. by Alan Jay Levinovitz Aeon The Zhuang Zi has been my close friend for more than two decades, since we first met when I was an undergraduate, then all through my dissertation on … Continue reading A Funhouse Mirror for the Soul