The Disaster of Utopian Engineering

by Chris Hedges edited by O Society Jan 31, 2020 In “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” Karl Popper warns against utopian engineering, massive social transformations led by those who believe they found a revealed truth. These utopian engineers carry out the wholesale destruction of systems, institutions, and social and cultural structures in a vain … Continue reading The Disaster of Utopian Engineering

White Supremacy and Capitalism: Separated at Birth?

by Cheikh Diop edited by O Society Jan 3, 2019 Introduction The term ‘white supremacy’ (WS) is being used a lot these days, finding a home in many discussions on social media and in activist circles. Definitions of WS largely fall into two categories, that it is a belief system or that it is an elitist, … Continue reading White Supremacy and Capitalism: Separated at Birth?

Paul Krugman — finally — admits he is wrong!

by Lars Syll edited by O Society October 26, 2019 Paul Krugman never suffered fools gladly. The Nobel Prize-winning economist rose to international fame—and a coveted space on the New York Times op-ed page—by lacerating his intellectual opponents in the most withering way. In a series of books and articles beginning in the 1990s, Krugman … Continue reading Paul Krugman — finally — admits he is wrong!

Global Justice and Finance: an introduction to critical questions

by Tim Hayward edited by O Society August 1, 2019 This post introduces some central arguments of my book Global Justice and Finance. In a world where extreme inequality consigns many millions of the least advantaged to conditions of crushing poverty, there is an evident case of justice for some redistribution of income and wealth. Thinkers … Continue reading Global Justice and Finance: an introduction to critical questions

Is this the end of the American century?

  by Adam Tooze London Review of Books edited by O Society April 11, 2019 On 13 October 1806, a young German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, had an encounter with world history. En route to their annihilation of the Prussian forces 24 hours later, Napoleon and his army were marching through the East German … Continue reading Is this the end of the American century?

Extinction Rebellion

The word of the day is procrastibation. procrastibation: 1 masturbation (mental or physical) to kill time when you should be doing something else. 2 a brief masturbatory interlude separating a lengthy period of idle procrastination and a period of productive intellectual functioning. "I engaged in an epic procrastibation spree when I should have been writing a … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion

Economics After Neoliberalism

Contemporary economics is finally breaking free from its market fetishism, offering plenty of tools we can use to make society more inclusive. by SURESH NAIDU, DANI RODRIK, GABRIEL ZUCMAN Boston Review Feb 15, 2019 We live in an age of astonishing inequality. Income and wealth disparities in the United States have risen to heights not seen … Continue reading Economics After Neoliberalism