Whatever He Wants

What kind of spectacle is the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump? by Fintan O'Toole edited by O Society Feb 10, 2020 In its opening days, the audience was given two wildly different but equally bathetic prompts as to how we should see it. We were invited by two central figures to understand it, on … Continue reading Whatever He Wants

Noam Chomsky Torches Democrats’ Narrow Trump Impeachment Charges: ‘This Tragedy May Send Him Back to Office’

by Colin Kalmbacher  edited by O Society Jan 25, 2020 Noam Chomsky, the father of modern linguistics as well as the world’s most-respected —and most-cited— living public intellectual, harshly criticizes the Democratic Party’s impeachment inquiry as an insufficient indictment that could inadvertently help President Donald Trump cruise to re-election later this year. As Democrats insist against evidence their … Continue reading Noam Chomsky Torches Democrats’ Narrow Trump Impeachment Charges: ‘This Tragedy May Send Him Back to Office’

The Impeachment Iceberg

One of our O Society people asked: "Read Trump's 6-Page Letter to Pelosi and then Fact Checker: Breaking Down Trump's Letter to Pelosi in the Washington Post. I would like to hear your opinion about these two articles." You asked for it... my opinion is I don't care what Donald Trump says and am not going to … Continue reading The Impeachment Iceberg

Christianity Today: Trump Should Be Removed from Office

“Well, I think many. I mean, you know, when we get into the Bible, I think many. So many,” he responded. “And some people—look, an eye for an eye, you can almost say that. That’s not a particularly nice thing. And we can learn a lot from the Bible, that I can tell you.” ~ Donald … Continue reading Christianity Today: Trump Should Be Removed from Office

Impeachment: What Lies Beneath?

by Jim Kavanaugh edited by O Society Dec 18, 2019 The Raw The Democrats now reveal the hand they’re going to play for impeachment.  I vehemently argue against playing this game and point out how futile it is, but, seeing the two cards actually laid out on the table, even I am gobsmacked at what a … Continue reading Impeachment: What Lies Beneath?

Too Much Truth Burns Bridges

The U.S. Government Lied about the Afghanistan War, They Couldn’t Have Done It Without Media Lapdogs by Ted Rall edited by O Society “In ten years or so, we’ll leak the truth,” the Dead Kennedys sang. “But by then it’s only so much paper.” But it might just score you a Pulitzer Prize. Award bait … Continue reading Too Much Truth Burns Bridges

Mad Activist Impeaches Western Culture

by Susie Day edited by O Society Dec 7, 2019 Dear Hot-to-Impeach Congressional Democrats, I thought of you when I read “Why the Ukraine Scheme Matters,” the November 25 editorial in the New York Times. As usual, Times syntax and grammar are superb and the editors’ argumentation skills fully justify the current high tuition rates … Continue reading Mad Activist Impeaches Western Culture