Hypocognition: When We’re at a Loss for Words

"The limits of language, or what can be said, is the limit of our world. Things that have sense happen only within the limits of language. Senseless propositions attempt to say something about the limit of language; and attempts to go beyond the limits of what can be said result in nonsense." ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein by Kaidi Wu edited by O Society March 20, 2020 … Continue reading Hypocognition: When We’re at a Loss for Words

A Culture of Propaganda?

A companion piece to A Culture of Cheating? The average American with a smartphone is inarguably the most heavily and consistently propagandized citizen in the entire collective history of human societies. by Ben Steele edited by O Society Friday March 13, 2020 "Contrary to previous readings by historians of the 20th century, which typically describe propaganda … Continue reading A Culture of Propaganda?

The Language of Neoliberalism

Mitja Sardoc interviews Henry Giroux Dec 2018 This interview with Henry Giroux was conducted by Mitja Sardoč, of the Educational Research Institute, in the Faculty of the Social Sciences, at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In this interview, Prof. Henry Giroux engages with some of the most challenging issues associated with the neoliberal educational agenda. In the introductory … Continue reading The Language of Neoliberalism