Liezi 列 Waterfall

Heaven and earth operate without thought or purpose, through processes which are ziran 自然, so of them ­selves. Man follows the same course, through the process of growth and decay, without choosing either to be born or to die. Yet alone among the myriad things he tries to base his actions on thought and knowledge, to … Continue reading Liezi 列 Waterfall

The Practice of San Ti Shi in Xing Yi Quan

孫福全 Sun Lutang by Tom Bisio edited by O Society September 12, 2019 Xing Yi Quan & San Ti Shi Standing in San Ti Shi is one of the most important parts of foundational training (Ji Ben Gong) of Xing Yi Quan. In Xing Yi Quan there are three key elements that must simultaneously cultivated … Continue reading The Practice of San Ti Shi in Xing Yi Quan

VooDoo Accident Down at the Forge (Musical Interlude)

by O Society August 18, 2019 There's an old story of this monk called Bodhidharma. Story goes like this: Once Upon A Time, Bodhidharma came upon a monastery in China, so he decided to stop awhile to teach the monks about Buddhism. They did a bunch of sitting staring at the wall for nine years … Continue reading VooDoo Accident Down at the Forge (Musical Interlude)

The Interoceptive Turn

The science of how we sense ourselves from within, including our bodily states, is creating a radical picture of selfhood by Noga Arikha Aeon edited by O Society June 23, 2019 1926, Virginia Woolf wrote about how, when one is ill: "All day, all night the body intervenes; blunts or sharpens, colours or discolours, turns to wax … Continue reading The Interoceptive Turn

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

by Chogyam Trungpa edited by O Society June 10, 2019 Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (PDF) Introduction Although most of my students were sincere in their aspiration to walk on the spiritual path, they brought to it a great deal of confusion, misunderstanding and expectation. Therefore, I found it necessary to present to my students an overview of the … Continue reading Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Psychosocial Stress, Shit-Life Syndrome, Dukkha, and the Parable of the Poisoned Arrow

Stress and Shittiness edited by Marmalade and O Society What causes heart disease – Part 63 by Malcolm Kendrick To keep this simple, and stripping terminology down things down to basics, the concept I am trying to capture, and the word that I am going to use, here to describe the factor that can affect entire … Continue reading Psychosocial Stress, Shit-Life Syndrome, Dukkha, and the Parable of the Poisoned Arrow

The faux revolution of mindfulness

by Ronald Purser OpenDemocracy edited by O Society May 25, 2019 According to its backers we’re in the midst of a “mindfulness revolution.” Jon Kabat-Zinn, recently dubbed the “father of mindfulness,” goes so far as to proclaim that we’re on the verge of a global renaissance, and that mindfulness “may actually be the only promise … Continue reading The faux revolution of mindfulness