If You Believe in Nihilism, What Do You Believe?

Nihilism is one of those concepts we are all pretty sure we know the meaning of unless someone asks us to define it. What is Nihilism? What Nihilism is Not The risk of nihilism is it alienates us from anything good or true. Yet believing in nothing has positive potential by Nolen Gertz  edited by … Continue reading If You Believe in Nihilism, What Do You Believe?

Hypocognition: When We’re at a Loss for Words

"The limits of language, or what can be said, is the limit of our world. Things that have sense happen only within the limits of language. Senseless propositions attempt to say something about the limit of language; and attempts to go beyond the limits of what can be said result in nonsense." ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein by Kaidi Wu edited by O Society March 20, 2020 … Continue reading Hypocognition: When We’re at a Loss for Words

The Compelling Story of the Smart Idiot

header image: Citgo criminal or Citgo employee? You decide! by Ben Steele edited by O Society Jan 25, 2020 "A year after this very popular novel came out, I read an article summarizing a study about this novel conducted by scholars at a well-known university. The study documents how the vast majority of people who buy … Continue reading The Compelling Story of the Smart Idiot

Depressive Realism

header image: 15-year-old Kayla Alford expelled from Kentucky Christian school for posting this photo of herself with rainbow birthday cake on Facebook by Julie Reshe  edited by O Society Jan 15, 2020 I remember being depressed. It was a frightening state of mind that seemed to go on indefinitely. The very idea of waking up … Continue reading Depressive Realism

Consciousness is Real

Consciousness is neither a spooky mystery nor an illusory belief. It’s a valid and causally efficacious biological reality by Massimo Pigliucci by O Society Jan 15, 2020 It is highly fashionable to label consciousness an ‘illusion’. This in turn fosters the impression, especially among the general public, that the way we normally think of our … Continue reading Consciousness is Real

The Consciousness Illusion

Editor's note: the Red pill Blue pill scenario given in the movie called The Matrix is a false dichotomy. Therefore, it all begins with a lie based on an assumption. Phenomenal consciousness is a fiction written by our brains to help us track the impact that the world makes on us by Keith Frankish edited by O … Continue reading The Consciousness Illusion

The Shadow, Projection, and the Scapegoat

“Psychic projection can be undone only by conscious mental understanding.” ~ Jean Gebser, The Ever-Present Origin. by Scott Preston edited by O Society August 21, 2019 The psychic mechanism of “projection” concerned Jean Gebser enough to spill a fair amount of ink on the problem, and his discussion of this issue is often quite insightful. … Continue reading The Shadow, Projection, and the Scapegoat