Pinker’s Pollyanna Philosophy and Its Perfidious Politics

by Jessica Riskin edited by O Society Dec 17, 2019 “Intellectuals hate reason,” “Progressives hate progress,” “War is peace,” “Freedom is slavery.” No, wait, those last two are from a different book, but it’s easy to get mixed up. Steven Pinker begins his latest — a manifesto inspirationally entitled Enlightenment Now — with a contrast … Continue reading Pinker’s Pollyanna Philosophy and Its Perfidious Politics


  Delusion. Conspiracy Theory. Mental illness. Tinfoil hat. Where does sanity end and crazy begin? by O Society September 25, 2019 I do not know. I believe the US government narratives about many things are fabricated lies. From Russiagate recently to JFK before my time to the sinking of the Spanish Maine way back before … Continue reading Skeptics’R’Us

What is a Fascist Neo-Nazi Troll?

Hitler was a sincere, dedicated ideologue. Trump isn't. He has no known ideology, other than 'me.' ~ Noam Chomsky by O Society July 29, 2019 An "ideologue" is someone with an ideology. So what was Hitler's ideology he sincerely dedicated himself to? Simple. He was a right-wing extremist anti-Semitist. German Nazi fascists were not left-wing … Continue reading What is a Fascist Neo-Nazi Troll?

Self-Serving Bias & Locus of Control

edited by O Society May 25, 2019 The self-serving bias is the tendency people have to seek out information and use it in ways that advance their self-interest. In other words, people often unconsciously make decisions that serve themselves in ways that other people might view as indefensible or unethical. Studies show that we … Continue reading Self-Serving Bias & Locus of Control

What Nietzsche Learnt from Diogenes

How Friedrich Nietzsche used ideas from the Ancient Cynics to explore the death of God and the nature of morality by Helen Small  Aeon Feb 28, 2019 Ancient Cynicism was an eccentric model for practising a philosophical life. Diogenes of Sinope (c404-323 BCE) and his followers claimed independence from conventional material desires and the normal turmoil of … Continue reading What Nietzsche Learnt from Diogenes

The Choice We Face

Politicians need to be clear: do they take climate change seriously or not? by Nathan Robinson Current Affairs Feb, 9, 2019 You don't even have to accept the most severe predictions about the consequences of climate change to understand that we stand at the brink of something dire. You only need to look at the Fourth National Climate … Continue reading The Choice We Face

You’ve Been Hacked – The Psychology of Disinformation and How to Protect Yourself

Once seeded, viral misinformation exploits weaknesses in how the human mind determines what’s real. by Valerie Tarico Dec 5, 2018 Most people genuinely care about truth. I don’t mean that we tell the truth all of the time—though most of us mostly do—but that we very much want to know what is real. Reality can knock … Continue reading You’ve Been Hacked – The Psychology of Disinformation and How to Protect Yourself