Refusing to Wear a Mask Is a Uniquely American Pathology

  There is another layer—even above and beyond a denial of facts and science—that must be at play: There is a narcissistic obsession with being seen and recognized that feels quintessentially American, even in situations of life and death.  by Dahlia Lithwick May 20, 2020 The obsession with individualism and the misinterpretation of constitutional freedom collide … Continue reading Refusing to Wear a Mask Is a Uniquely American Pathology

When Your Governing Principle is “Owning the Libitards”

What if his moral compass only points to antagonizing the people who didn’t vote for him? by Tom Socca edited by O Society September 10, 2019 Fine: Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland, or at least wanted to talk about wanting to buy Greenland. Presidents are allowed to be silly and imperialist; taking over Greenland is … Continue reading When Your Governing Principle is “Owning the Libitards”

The Chosen One

by O Society August 23, 2019 Narcissus stared at his own reflection in a mirror. However, Narcissus never seemed to realize he was looking at himself. Rather, he simply gazed at the image with monomania. Narcissism, Idolatry, and Self-Knowledge Echo repeated everything Narcissus said but she could not get him to look away from his … Continue reading The Chosen One

Fascist Violence Goes Mainstream

by Anis Shivani edited by O Society August 7, 2019 As repulsive as it might be to take the manifesto of the El Paso murderer seriously, we must tos abjection aside and take a close look at it. For a 21-year old, it’s quite well articulated, beyond the reach of most American college students in terms of linking … Continue reading Fascist Violence Goes Mainstream

White Replacement Story Aided by Mainstream Media

Let this front page serve as a reminder of how white supremacy is aided by - and often relies upon - the cowardice of mainstream institutions edited by O Society August 6, 2019 White Replacement Story Motivates Killers the World Over This conspiracy story influence killers from Germany to New Zealand to El Paso. … Continue reading White Replacement Story Aided by Mainstream Media

American Fascist X

by O Society July 30, 2019 Two or three years ago, things just got different. You know what I mean. Trying to make sense of it all (like everybody else I suppose) led me to the realization all of this is but the manifestation of a hungry hankering for a helping of authoritarianism. That's right. … Continue reading American Fascist X

Send Her Back! by O Society July 29, 2019 As we have observed many times already, identity politics sabotages any real progress. This is why it is encouraged by the powers that be. The powers that be favor the status quo or better yet, status quo ante of the Gilded Age. No surprise "sabotage progress" is page … Continue reading Send Her Back!