Dopamine Fast by O Society November 29, 2019 When I first heard "Dopamine Fast," I figured they're finally giving people an IV and a pole to wheel it around behind you where ever you go. Get rid of your phone, skip the middleman, and get yer Dope fast, faster, fastest - Thanks for playing! Seems what's … Continue reading Dopamine Fast

Do I Contradict Myself? On Autopoiesis

edited by O Society July 1, 2019 The term autopoiesis (from Greek αὐτo- (auto-), meaning 'self', and ποίησις (-poiesis), meaning 'creation, production') refers to a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself. The original definition can be found in Autopoiesis and Cognition: the Realization of the Living (1st edition 1973, 2nd 1980): autopoiesis: It was in these … Continue reading Do I Contradict Myself? On Autopoiesis